Bhutan – A land of happiness and peace

Close your eyes, take a deep breath - in and out, in and out. Feel the warmth of the sun delight your cheeks, the gentle breeze running through your hair; the subtle smell of pine and cedar filling your senses with every breath you draw, the soothing rustle of prayer flags fluttering in the wind and as you sit cross-legged your mind attunes itself to the words slowly emanating from your very own yoga and meditation guru. You open your eyes and behold, it is not a dream for you are indeed in the most peaceful country in the world - Bhutan! Your gaze wanders over the massive mountain peaks, impressive temples clinging on rocky slopes, monks in orange robes, verdant forests as far as the eye can see. The mind conjures but one feeling – bliss.

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Your Journey Inspiration

Day 1


Experience the exceptional

The flight to Paro is a beautiful one with remarkable views of the massive mountain peaks, dense forests, the gleaming Paro river and Paro itself with the pretty Dzong architectural style built houses.

Upon landing, head straight to the charming town of Thimphu with a brief halt at Tamchogg Lakhang Temple. Lunch and next up is a visit to the Thimphu Chorten (Stupa) - a memorial to the third king, revered as the father of modern Bhutan. Also worth seeing is the Buddha Dordenma, a gigantic golden Buddha statue filled with over 100,000 small Buddha figures.

Overnight at the temple-like Taj Tashi.

Day 2


The smell of Rhododendron

Hiking is in itself a meditation of sorts and this morning you will walk up along rhododendron trails to the beautiful 12th century monastery Cheri Goenpa to meditate with a private guru. The stillness, the crisp air and the special atmosphere of the place does wonders to calm the mind.

Later in the day you will visit the Tashichho Dzong and the Jungshi Paper Mill where you can try your hand in the art of paper making. One sees and learns many a thing from marketplaces and today’s excursion is a special one. The weekly market brings farmers from all around to sell their harvest of vegetables, fruits, cereals and much more. Before calling it a night you can practice a bit of yoga with your tutor in the idyllic courtyard of your hotel.

Overnight at the temple-like Taj Tashi.

Tag 3


A high altitudinal yoga experience

Kilometer by kilometer the road winds slowly upwards passing by cedars and pines; the first light of the morning gradually dissipating the darkness of night and you find yourself at 3000 meters on the impressive Duchala Pass. Yoga this morning will be an experience you will never forget, for it is one with THE view! Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast shortly thereafter and soak in the impressive views that this spot is endowed with. Here is also an opportunity to see the 108 stupas built in honor of the fallen soldiers of Bhutan.

Head onwards to Gangtey your abode for the next two nights and enroute have that perfect view of the 7,300 meter high Jhomolhari. Notice the change of vegetation as you descend the pass towards Gangtey which is located in the beautiful Phobjikha valley. The valley is home to the endangered Black-necked Cranes which spend their winter here until February. A highlight of this sprawling valley is the Gangtey Monastery which is home to 300 monks who live and study here. In the evening you can meditate in the monastery and also take part in the prayers.

Overnight at the cozy Gangtey Lodge.

Day 4


Walk, Breathe, Meditate

On the list of things to do this morning is a splendid hike around the area and up a mountain until you reach a vantage point with incredible views of the Gangtey Valley. This is your setting for today’s meditation session with your private teacher.

After your return to the lodge, treat yourself to a soothing massage and take advantage of the revitalizing spa. Close your Gangtey stay with a relaxing yoga session this evening.

Overnight at the cozy Gangtey Lodge.

Day 5


Some time spent with the nuns

Kickstart your day early this morning with a yoga session on the hotel terrace. Now that you are fully energized, our journey continues on towards Punakha. We make a short stop enroute and hike up a small hill to the Chimi Lhakhang temple. Definitely worth a visit is the Sangchhen Dorji Lhendrup Lhakhang Monastery, a home for Bhutanese nuns where they engage in the practice of meditation and learn skills such as tailoring or statue-making. You have the opportunity to meditate and practice yoga in the courtyard of this monastery all the while enjoying the splendid beauty of the valley of Punakha down below.

Overnight at the peaceful Six Senses Punakha.

Day 6



This morning at around six you will set off for the Khamsum Yuelley Namgyal Chorten for an energizing session of Hatha Yoga followed by a picnic breakfast shortly thereafter. Back in the valley, you will visit another Buddhist monastery, the Punakha Dzong, a vantage point which commands excellent views. End the day with a reflective yoga session back in the Six Senses.

Overnight at the peaceful Six Senses Punakha.

Day 7


Art and a Bhutanese farm house

Work up an appetite, improve your flexibility and boost your immune system with a session of Hatha Yoga this morning. Shortly after breakfast you will make your way back to Paro. For art aficionados, there is an opportunity enroute to visit the National Museum of Bhutan - Ta Dzong, a treasure trove of art, relics, religious paintings and postage stamps. Also on the list of things to do today is a visit to a traditional Bhutanese farm house. Observe, learn and understand how the locals live out their day to day.

You bed in for the night in the extraordinary COMO Uma Paro where your evening can be spent trying out the hotel's own yoga studio.

Overnight at the extraordinary COMO Uma Paro.

Day 8


Tiger's Nest

North of the Paro Valley lies Ramthankha, the jumping off point for today’s hike to Taktsang Temple or better known as Tiger's Nest. The walk is a meditation of sorts that leads you through peaceful pine forests amidst a flutter of colorful prayer flags. Legend has it that Guru Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche rode the back of a tigress and meditated on the steep cliffs where this holy shrine is situated. It is an important Buddhist site where one not only feels the energy of this place but it is also quite an imposing sight at first glimpse. Enjoy exploring the temple, reflect and soak in the time you have in this very special place. Upon return to your hotel, you have the rest of the day at your leisure winding it off with your last yoga session in Bhutan.

Overnight at the extraordinary COMO Uma Paro.

Day 9


In love with Bhutan

It is never easy to bid adieu to this kind, peaceful, happy and impressionable country. But when you do, you will leave with a smile on your lips and a lasting memory in your heart. Such is the journey to Bhutan!

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