Kamalaya, located in Koh Samui is the brainchild of a fascinating couple Karina (a doctor of Chinese Medicine) and John (a former monk in the Himalayas) who after combing through the island discovered this marvel of a place. A very special energy resonates here and it is probably because it was once the place for many a Buddhist monk on his quest for spiritual atonement and illumination. Upon arrival you are immediately surrounded by the spirituality and energy of this magical place.

The essence of this holistic wellbeing hotel can be drawn from its name – Kamal (lotus) Alaya (realm) meaning the unfolding and growth of the human soul.

One feels the power of nature all around; enchanted paths wind up and down the hillsides, exotic fauna abound the dense natural environment; the sound of cascading rivulets linger in the background. It is indeed a remarkable part of the world to be in.

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Time flies at Kamalaya and you will notice: your skin glows, your mind is free, your body feels vital and exuberant. With the support of the wellbeing professionals you will easily find a healthy lifestyle that is not determined by strict rules, but by freedom and lightness - according to the motto "feel life's potential"!


More abouth the hotel:

  • Wellness

    Do you feel burned out and exhausted? Or would you like to reset your body and dare a conscious dietary change? Our PRANA Wellbeing Concierge and the great team of experts at the Kamalaya Retreat respond sensitively and individually to your concerns, wishes and expectations and tailor a holistic wellness program for you.

    Eating is the best medicine - according to this motto, the Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary spoils you with lovingly prepared dishes. Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine combine a healthy nutrition with the body's cleaning and healing process. The chefs of the Kamalaya manage to create fresh and organic dishes uniting the traditional Asian philosophies with modern, and also western, cuisine. At Kamalaya, detox does not mean giving up tasty dishes - on the contrary!

  • Living Space

    Traditional elements and soft colors transform the rooms, suites and villas into an incomparable retreat. Whether grown into a dense jungle, with a private pool on the sun deck, with a breathtaking view in the upper suites or directly on the beach - in your private area you can enjoy absolute peace, relaxation and wellbeing. Each living unit offers an individual specialty. The Pool Villa surprises you, for example, with a pool located in the inner courtyard that adjoins the living area and thus creates a very special living experience.

  • Why we love it

    Kamalaya embodies the term "holistic wellness" to perfection. A seamless integration of treatments from East & West, therapies, traditions, activities, community, accommodation, nature and cuisine creates a synergy that nourishes and heals the body, mind and soul. Kamalaya not only gives you back what everyday life sometimes takes away, it also opens up new ways and practical measures for a healthy lifestyle and changing mindsets far beyond your stay.

  • What you must not miss

    In the middle of Kamalya's facilities and accommodation is a well hidden, small, centuries-old cave, which formerly served as a spiritual retreat for Buddhist monks and their meditation. This tradition is still cultivated today by the guests and employees and the spiritual energy remains alive. Visit this place of silence and contemplation in the evening when candles cast a magical light on the cave walls and the lovingly cared for altar.

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Venedig des Ostens, Zahnseide-Roti und ein Paar Fischerhosen

So vielfältig in seiner Kultur, so atemberaubend in seinen Landschaften und so spirituell in seinem Glauben – Thailand kann auf einer unserer Rundreisen auch nach dem zehnten Besuch immer wieder überraschen. Jahrhundertealte Tempelanlagen, Luxusresorts, die verzaubern, Kulinarik, die verführt und Naturlandschaften, die das Herz zum Schmelzen bringen. Tauchen Sie ein in eine Reise, die lang gehegte Traditionen zum Vorschein bringt, den buddhistischen Glauben lebt und sich auf das Wohlbefinden Ihres Körpers und Geistes fokussiert.

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