Six Senses Laamu


Six Senses Laamu

This is the only resort within the far southern Laamu Atoll, making this luxury hideaway a little paradise - cheeky dolphins swim in its blue waters, dreamy white beaches drape the island and a colourful sea life is to be found much in abundance.

When at the Six Senses Laamu, one can do everything and nothing. One can snorkel and swim with dolphins, walk on the beach or simply unwind and tank up on some warmth.

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Coming to food, Laamu’s restaurants serve up not only fresh Maldivian dishes but an array of light Asian cuisine, hearty grilled dishes as well as Japanese fusion cuisine. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail in the evening at sunset and let your holiday become a dream from which you never want to wake up again.


More about the hotel:

  • Wellness

    The gorgeous spa is located directly on the beach. In the wonderfully secluded nest-like bamboo treatment huts, one surrenders completely to the sounds of nature. Encircled by the dense jungle, your senses come alive as your body absorbs the soothing massages and treatments.

    Six Senses Spa programmes like ‘Sleep & Resilience’, ‘Trim & Fit’, ‘Cleanse & Detox’, and ‘Full Potential’ for example are preceded by a wellness screening program that gives you surprising insights into your actual physical condition and aims to make measure improvements.

  • Living Space

    The sustainably built villas are either on the beach or above the water (in the lagoon or the open sea) and every one of them is unique. Enjoy memorable days in your own private villa with private beach access or jump directly into the sparkling sea from your sundeck. Take a breather in your outdoor bathtub and listen to the gentle breeze rustling through the trees. Put your legs up and simply relax on your loungers.

  • Why we love it

    Why? - Because the property is fresh, young, unpretentious, creative and importantly deeply relaxed. One can only love the Six Senses Laamu! In 2018, it was named the winner of the Green Hotelier's Community Award for its efforts to promote the Maldivian community.

  • What you must not miss

    "Yogic Sleep" is the name of the effective 4- to 10-day program, which can deepen your relaxation and significantly improve your sleep quality. It combines elements of ‘Yoga Nidra’, breathing techniques "pranayama" and regenerating spa treatments. The regular Yoga Nidra practice achieves deep physical relaxation and a meditative state of consciousness.

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