Breathe, learn and understand – discover an inner journey into oneself. A holistic, luxurious ashram of the modern world, a magical place beyond words - this is Vana.

One almost feels the spirituality surrounding VANA when one first walks amongst the Sal trees that shroud the premises. After all, it is from these forests or ‘Vana’ that the retreat derives its name. The simple design and the clear architecture create a perfect balance and bring harmony to one’s senses.

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At VANA you will find solitude as well as fellowship, honesty and trust. The space allows one the liberty to immediately be at peace with oneself. Wander through its enchanting gardens, soak in the magnificence of the Himalayas, meditate and live each moment in bliss. The retreats’ close proximity to Rishikesh allows one to be part and witness the powerful ‘Aarti Ceremony’ on the banks of the holy Ganges.

Testimonial from Team Vana: Prana is a Sanskrit word that has a number of interpretations in English, including "life force," "energy" and "vital principle." It refers to the fact that vital or life force energy is always dynamic.

Stephanie Syiemlieh – Co-Founder & Managing Director of PRANA Travel Design GmbH has over 20 years of experience which inherits her with goodwill and longstanding relationships in the travel industry, primarily focusing on “travel to heal & learn”. With a common intent to be able to do good, give back and provide experiences to people that can really improve their wellbeing, and the sensitivity with which Stephanie understands the needs of people is what brings Vana and Prana together. (Team Vana)

More about the hotel:

  • Wellness

    The beauty about VANA is that your ‘wellbeing program’ is absolutely tailor-made for you by the world's leading therapists, drawing on seven areas: Tibetan Healing (Sowa Rigpa), Yoga, Natural Therapies (including T.C.M. and Ayurveda), Spa, Fitness and Aqua.

    The excellent cuisine or ‘Vanavasis’ that reflects VANA’s philosophy will without a doubt inspire you. Your journey to awareness and well-being starts with getting to know your body and mind and teaching you ways to maintain this new and incredible feeling even after you’ve said goodbye to this magical place.

  • Living Space

    This has been specially designed to allow one the space to breathe deeply and to be at peace. The sustainable design of the rooms and suites; all made of natural materials beckons guests to meditate and reflect. We strongly recommend the gorgeous rooms that take your view into the magical Sal forest.

  • Why we love it

    Vana is indeed hard to describe but it is one of the prime reasons why PRANA Travel Design was born. There are only a handful of places in the world that possess such a unique atmosphere and that can invoke this intangible, magical feeling in us. It is our heartfelt wish that our clients experience this too.

    The soothing sound of the ‘Raag’ flute, the scent of the flowers, the simple, bright, unparalleled design of the premises and the perfection of the individual Wellbeing program are one thing, but it is truly the vision, the responsibility and subsequent sustainability that makes Vana one-of-a-kind.

  • What you must not miss

    Vana is one of the few places in the world that has its own comprehensive ‘Sowa Rigpa Center’. Sowa Rigpa is a traditional Tibetan medicine art that finds its origins in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and Buddhism. As you descend the stairs to this area, your senses are instantly transported to Tibet; the mystic chanting of Buddhist monks in the background, the therapist's prayer and mantras of the applications, the smells of incense sticks and beautiful thangkas on the wall.

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Ladakh – Eine Indien Reise wie Sie unerwarteter nicht sein kann

Gast beim spirituellen Morgengebet der buddhistischen Mönche sein, die atemberaubende Gebirgswelt des Himalayas im magischen Licht des Sonnenaufgangs bewundern, die wundervolle Welt des Nubra Valley entdecken, auf dem Rücken eines Kamels weiße, kalte Wüsten erkunden – begeben Sie sich auf eine nomadische Reise in Luxuszelten! Lernen Sie die jahrhundertealte Kultur der faszinierenden Region Ladakh kennen. Werden Sie Teil der einzigartigen Rituale und Spiritualität dieses abgeschiedenen Teils der Welt. Als sei man in Zeit und Ort versetzt worden in ein unberührtes Tibet und allein das ist unendlich wertvoll.

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Das Goldene Dreieck Nordindiens – Tiger, Shanti und Liebesbeweise

Ein Klassiker unter den Indienrundreisen und das wahrlich zu Recht. Das Goldene Dreieck, das die drei eindrucksvollen Städte Delhi, Agra und Jaipur bilden, bietet den perfekten Einstieg für Indienneulinge. Kulturelle Highlights, private Yogastunden mit Blick auf das Taj Mahal und traumhafte Natur – die Mischung macht`s! Wir möchten Ihnen das kunterbunte und faszinierende Indien in einer abwechslungsreichen Rundreise vorstellen, ganz ohne Stress und Sehenswürdigkeiten-Marathon, sondern in aller Ruhe und mit viel Zeit zur Reflexion und Entspannung.

Rundreise-Inspiration anschauen

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