Laos & Cambodia – fascinating crossover into two remarkable countries

Breathtaking landscapes, fascinating cultures, magical temples and aromatic cuisines are just some of the attractions that these two neighbouring countries have to offer.  On this journey with PRANA you will discover the most beautiful and secretive sites of Laos and Cambodia, embark on Buddhist paths, meditate in the massive temple complex Angkor Wat and chase the sun on the Mekong. Come share the magical charm of these two fascinating countries with us.

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Your journey inspiration:

Day 1

Luang Prabang

Welcome to Laos!

Upon a smooth arrival at Luang Prabang Airport our wonderful partners will then bring you directly to the luxurious Amantaka where you will stay for the next few days. This is a very special hotel of the Aman group and it will surely leave you floating on the clouds. Your suite with a private pool is a very special hideaway.

Overnight at the luxurious hideaway Amantaka.

Day 2

Luang Prabang

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

A lovely way to see this charming town is on bicycles. The fairly flat streets bring you in direct contact with the sights, smells and the sounds the local populace. You pass by orange-cloaked monks, small wooden houses with tropical gardens and the beautiful temples of Wat Mai, Wat Visoun and Wat Xien Thong.

After a short rest back in the hotel, hop on your very own private teak boat and chase the sunset over champagne and delicacies on the Mekong. Savour the picturesque landscape in the golden light of the last rays of the day. The highlight to the day is a scrumptious, home cooked Laotian meal at the family home of your very charming local guide. It does not get any more authentic than this.

Overnight at the luxurious hideaway Amantaka.

Day 3

Luang Prabang

Alms, folklore and an evening at the idyllic lotus pond

This morning calls for an early start but the effort is worth every bit. Be a part of a special and humbling ceremony that takes place every morning where groups of barefooted orange clad monks walk the town collecting alms from the people. It is indeed quite a sight to behold!

Next on cue is a lovely picnic breakfast set up by the beautiful Kuang Si waterfall. If you so wish we can arrange for a princely visit this afternoon. Interact with Prince Nithakhong and hear about his efforts to preserve and promote traditional Lao art and folklore. Receive a personal blessing while partaking in the spiritual Baci ceremony. Wind up the evening dining under the stars in the Manda de Laos, a restaurant surrounded by an idyllic lotus pond.

Overnight at the luxurious hideaway Amantaka.

Day 4

Luang Prabang

A day of mindfulness and self-reflection

Start the day with a meditation session led by a reputed Yoga and Reiki teacher with tension-relieving stretching exercises accompanied by the chanting of mantras. YOU are important so allow yourself time today to think, to relax and to reflect. Enjoy the tranquility of your suite, relax by the pool or visit the excellent spa. Indulge yourself in another meditation and yoga session this afternoon followed by dinner in a few hours and a final moment of meditation before bedding in for the night.

Overnight at the luxurious hideaway Amantaka.

Day 5

Luang Prabang – Muang La

Up north

You leave Luang Prabang today and head north to the remote Oudomxay region where mountains and jungles juxtaposed between rice fields and terraces await you. The north of Laos is wild where charming villages sleep on mountain slopes. Your abode today is the peaceful idyll Muang La Lodge where you can rest your tired bones and tense muscles and find new energy.

Overnight at the paradisiacal Muang La Lodge.

Day 6

Muang La

Tibetan roots

Northern Laos is a melting pot of many small ethnic groups, some of whom live in near complete isolation. Today, you head out in a 4x4 on a beautiful drive to see one of the most reclusive communities of Laos - the Ikho community. Catch a glimpse into their lives and revel in the knowledge that very few visitors have been in touch with this people. Allow your gaze to soar over the impressive landscape at the picnic lunch; take a short hike to the next Hmong village whose ancestors came from Tibet many years ago.

Overnight at the paradisiacal Muang La Lodge.

Day 7

Muang La-Luang Prabang-Siem Reap

Crossing over

You leave Muang La early this morning and return to Luang Prabang. Fly on further to Siem Reap - the gateway to the temples of the legendary Angkor Wat. The rest of the day can be spent relaxing, exploring the resort or taking a stroll through the old town. This evening you will dine at the Embassy Restaurant and enjoy a fabulous Khmer cuisine cooked up by the Kisman Twins. The sisters have perfected their culinary skills having worked with various Michelin-starred chefs and are now creating authentic Cambodian gourmet cuisine with a twist.

Overnight at the luxurious Phum Baitang.

Day 8

Siem Reap

Angkor Wat

A glorious day begins as the sun rises over the famous temple complex - Angkor Wat. Enjoy a glass of champagne with breakfast while listening to cicadas buzzing in the trees and watching the first rays of the sun kiss the crowns of this ancient temple. Next fly north by helicopter to the Preah Vihear Temple, a shrine located near Thailand which is positioned on a hill and commands stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The rarely visited Koh Ker Temple is also worth a visit. 

Overnight at the luxurious Phum Baitang.

Day 9

Siem Reap

A slice of culture

Kickstart this morning with meditation and pranayama atop a hill with fabulous views of the Tonle Sap Lake. Hitch a ride later on a Tuk-Tuk and discover the Angkor Wat temples and receive a personal blessing from the Buddhist monks in one of them - a very special moment of your journey. Move on to a lesser known but beautiful temple called the Chau Srei Vibol on quadbikes and maneuver your way through gravel pathways and add a dimension of adventure and excitement to your temple forays.

Later this evening, visit the artistic show "Phare, the Cambodian Circus", which is a recommendation on every itinerary.  

Overnight at the luxurious Phum Baitang.

Day 10

Siem Reap

A day of relaxation

Give yourself an opportunity to enjoy a soothing massage at the hotel's excellent spa and do try "The Khmer Empire Splendor Ritual" which comes highly recommended. In the afternoon, cruise the Tonle Sap Lake on a luxurious ship and relish the sunset over a cold glass of champagne. Dine this evening from a choice of four excellent restaurants and bars and sample the excellent country cuisine on offer.

Overnight at the luxurious Phum Baitang.

Day 11-14

Siem Reap – Song Saa Island

A phenomenal ending

Before you depart, if you should wish so, we can organize a private audience with Cambodian artist and designer Lim Muy Theam and take a peek into his contemporary works and his commitment to local young artists. Then off you go on to Sihanoukville via Speedboat to the paradise like Song Saa Private Island, where you will stay for the next four days thus ending your sojourn in style and absolute perfection.

Overnight at the dream island Song Saa Private Island

Would you like to learn more? We look forward to talking to you in person.

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