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PRANA finds its origins in ancient Sanskrit and refers to that all pervasive energy, that boundless life force that permeates the universe in all levels. It is to invoke this energy in mind, that PRANA Travel Design was conceptualized.

As an exclusive tour operator with twenty years of experience, our hand knitted itenaries conscientiously endeavours to open horizons and act as a soothing balm for the body, mind and soul.

We represent some of the world’s most discerning wellbeing retreats in Asia, thus making sure, that we find you a magical place of recovery, healing and balance. Exquisitely beautiful, these properties have been carefully hand picked and tried out personally to guarantee an unforgettable Asian delight of the highest standards.

The idea is to release the load off your shoulders even before the real journey itself has yet to begin – that includes taking care of every minute aspect of your travel arrangements and tailoring individual preferences to perfection. We offer the best there is in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, T.C.M., Digital Detox, Fitness, holistic healing and more.

PRANA Travel Design as specialist for Asia is also fully capable of organizing remarkable bespoke holidays for the traveller looking for charm, top of the line quality and enriching cultural and spiritual experiences off the beaten tracks.


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Nach Umfirmierung heißt die renommierte Europäische Reiseversicherung AG nun ERGO Reiseversicherung AG. Deren Reiseversicherungsprodukte bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit, sich gegen eine Vielzahl von Risiken abzusichern. Wir finden den passenden Reiseschutz für Sie.

Broaden your travel horizons and come back anew.

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Meet the team

Meet the Team

Our Partners

China & Tibet

Tibet & West China – from the megacity to the roof of the world

There are barely a few Asian countries whose history, tradition and culture come together in such a fascinating and grand manner as in the People's Republic of China. An ancient civilization, this "Middle Kingdom" has been shaped time and again by the sands of antiquity. Let us take you on an impressive and mystical journey full of inspiration, dignity and awe.

Your Journey Inspiration
Sri Lanka

On the trail of the holy Buddha tooth

The scent of jasmine and lotus flowers hang delicately is in the air, drums beat rythmically cajoling your mind and body into total relaxation. A quietness, mindfulness and spirituality is what is on offer. Discover this wonderfully diverse buddhist gem with us, meditate with monks in the temple, welcome each new day with uplifting yoga sessions and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind.

Your Journey Inspiration

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