Luxury Wellbeing Places

Luxury Wellbeing Places

Everyday life as we know it today is full of endless tasks and responsibilities. Keeping pace with this strenuous routine often leads to ignoring one’s health, to the extent that fatigue and sometimes even pain is ignored. Time allows us little to focus on ourselves. We at PRANA Travel Design understand this first hand. It is one of the reasons why we honestly believe in creating holistic holidays – holidays that bring change, enrichment and restore the balance.

Truth be told, we all need a special place to relieve the stress of everyday life, a chance to infuse a fresh burst of energy on our exhausted selves, an opportunity to meet inspiring people and in all this to somehow learn to be in harmony with ourselves. Wouldn’t you want this and to come back renewed from a journey that is so much more than just another vacation?

As your Wellbeing Concierge, PRANA Travel Design takes care of all the planning and coordination – we find the right retreat and the right applications for you, advise you on the benefits of Ayurveda, eastern medicine and yoga. Allow our experts to create magic for you while our wonderful supporting programmes for the accompanying spouse and children ensure that the family stays together.

Why wait to arrive when you can let go of your stress immediately!

Nurturing yourself is not selfish – it’s essential to your survival and your well-being. (Renee Peterson Trudeau)



Our portfolio of hotels has been very carefully selected to cater to varying tastes and demands. On offer are not just purely wellness retreats but also family friendly resorts that offer great wellbeing programmes. Furthermore we offer handpicked hotels that possess an overall concept for a truely unique wellbeing experience.

These "hideaways" are absolutely magical, because it takes only a short span of time to feel its incredible rejuvenating effects and benefits. This satisfying feeling of having arrived at the right place at the right time, of being able to breathe freely - that's our goal for your journey.

Each of our partner retreats is outstanding, sustainably effective and possesses this certain magic. Experienced personally, each one of these places has been carefully selected for you by us.

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the abundance of offers in the wellness industry and can't see the wood for the trees? But you also truely want to treat yourself to the best without having to suffer throughout your wellbeing programme to achieve success - after all, it's the most valuable time of your year?

This will not be an anonymous online booking. For us YOUR wellbeing is so much more important and we treasure a personal conversation with you. Thanks to our many years of experience and our own private travels we will find the perfect retreat and programme that suits your needs, because each one is as individual as you are.

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MaldivesIndian Ocean


Malediven. Traumdestination. Ein kleines Eiland geschmückt mit weißen Sandstränden, umgeben vom türkisblauen Ozean. Leichtigkeit, Freiheit und pures Glück – all das verspüren wir auf Bodufushi, der Heimat des JOALI BEING. Ein naturverbundenes Wellbeing-Retreat, das auf- und aus der Reihe fällt. Wellness wird hier in einem ganz neuen Kontext erfahren. Eine transformative Reise erwartet Sie!



Unter dem Motto „Health is wealth“ – also „Gesundheit ist Reichtum“ – erwartet Sie das innovative RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat als Oase der Ruhe und des holistischen Wohlbefindens. In einem idyllischen Naturparadies unweit von Bangkok begleiten Sie erfahrene Ernährungsberater, Ärzte und Therapeuten auf Ihrer ganz individuellen Transformationsreise. Atmen Sie durch und vertrauen Sie auf die einzigartige Kombination aus fundiertem medizinischem Wissen und tiefgehender Spiritualität, die Sie zu Ihrem natürlichen Reichtum zurückführt.



Aren't we all searching for the rewarding feeling of inner peace? Aren't we all striving for that promising state of bliss and contentment? There are few places in the world that can truly help us to achieve this state of mind. The eco hotel Eremito is one of them.

MaldivesIndian Ocean

COMO Maalifushi

Surfers, families, globetrotters traveling alone, divers and couples - everyone will find their own individual sanctuary from everyday life at COMO Maalifushi. More so, you will find it in the middle of the Indian Ocean - tropical, exotic and incredibly beneficial. This luxury resort manages not only spatially, but also emotionally to make you forget the rest of the world and everyday life. A hideaway in the truest sense of the word!


Six Senses Ibiza

An der kristallblauen Bucht Cala Xarraca an der nördlichsten Spitze Ibizas angekommen, finden Sie sich nicht nur an einer Traumdestination wieder, Sie schwingen nun auf einer ganz neuen Frequenz. Das Luxusjuwel Six Senses Ibiza lebt die Hippievibes der Insel, setzt auf spirituelle Erfahrungen, Nachhaltigkeit und kreiert einzigartige Momente. Erleben Sie den unvergleichlichen Zauber Ibizas in diesem ganz besonderen Wellbeing-Resort.


We make your personal travel dream come true. Let us know your wishes and we will tailor them to your needs!

Retreat Types

Retreat Types


"Ayurveda" can be translated as "The wisdom of long and healthy living" and is a millennium-old Indian philosophy of life and holistic medicine that helps us to enjoy an energetic and healthy life. One can expect a tailor made program of physical and mental cleansing through a combination of different uses, type-specific nutrition, balancing exercise and eastern medicine. Through our "Ayurveda light" we have marked specific retreats, which impart shorter or less intensive insights into the art of healing.


Through the holistic combination of physical exercises or "asanas" and meditation and breathing exercises or "pranayama", yoga centers the mind, strengthens the body and helps to restore and maintain the inner balance and the state of harmony. Benefits include regeneration of natural bodily functions, long-term serenity and zest for life. "Yoga Intensive" is the name of our resorts, which offer a special variety and intensity in the practice of yoga.


We are constantly exposed to environmental factors and our body inevitably contaminates with time. Wrong dietary preferences, stress often furthers and promotes disease. By gently cleaning the digestive tract, as well as through cleansing applications such as massages and baths, the body is rid of pollutants. "Detox light" programs are a gentle introduction with a good cleansing effect.

Stress Relief

Today’s world is all about the hustle and bustle, it is fast and the increasing responsibilities are resulting in shrinking power reserves  - tiredness, fatigue and constant tensions are on the increase and the immune system has become more and more susceptible to disease. Stress relief programs are designed to help your body and mind regain strength through relaxing treatments, yoga and a balanced diet. Through personal advice one can use the knowledge to deal with stress in everyday life situations.

Emotional Balance

Our precious lifes are filled with joy and happiness, but then there are also times when we are facing new challenges and struggling with life changing experiences. This might lead to mental imbalance and distress. During those times try to set your life on hold for a moment and take time just for yourself. Time to reevalue the situation you find yourself in, time to gain a new perspective on things and time to get inspired. Emotional balance is about embracing new life circumstances, welcoming changes and restoring your inner self with a comprehensive healing program that is tailor-made for you.


Today's world is characterized by fast pace, constant movement and pressure. There is hardly any room to pause - to be mindful of yourself and your body - when faced with everyday challenges. How am I doing, what do I need - how are thoughts perhaps in relation to certain decisions? Mindfulness programs aim at conscious perception and inner concentration in order to feel and hear one's own needs again.

Peaceful Sleep

A restless mind due to stress, work pressure etc. is causing more and more people to suffer from sleep disorders. A solid sleep cycle is necessary for the regeneration of the body to deal with everyday challenges. There are ways such as nerve soothing and relaxation-promoting applications and exercises that restore the natural sleep balance.

Fitness & Health for Men

As the name suggests, this program has been tailored specifically for men and aims at putting him holistically in touch with his inner personality and to ensure an all-round sense of wellbeing in a perfect atmosphere.

Mini Recovery

Sometimes there ist just not enough time for a long-term recovery, but still a little break from daily life is needed. Perfectly designed for these moment, the mini-recovery programs help to recharge your batteries within a few days. Soothing massages, lots of rest and relaxation will get you energized and ready to rock the world.

“Me Time” Family Holiday

Doing something good, being pampered, recovering, enjoying and simultaneously not having to forego precious time with the family. This is exactly what the resorts of this category are designed for. Located mostly by the beach they perfectly combine the different needs of the guests. Children are welcome and there are plenty of places and moments for the precious "Me Time".

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